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The EH Portal manages diverse health department tasks such as plan reviews, permits, temporary events and complaints. Allow constituents to submit, pay for and print permits. Send and receive email notifications. Provide a public portal for users to check permit, application and complaint statuses, and inspection results. Manage all details in one place!

The Cross Connection Control Reporting System (3CRS) monitors and manages the testing of backflow assemblies set between drinking water supply lines and non-potable substances. All data entries are done online. This greatly reduces costs and time, which in turn frees resources. 3CRS satisfies local, state and federal guidelines. Get flexible and efficient access to current data without the headaches!

The Cottage Food app includes Operations Class A and Class B forms from Assembly Bill (AB) 1616 two-tier food operation registration and permitting system, which is enforced by local county and city environmental health agencies. It provides sellers access to enter online permits directly to their health department, pay and print PDF permits. Inspector’s and health department administrator tools available. Take control of your permit application process!

HazTrakr quickly informs First Responders and Inspectors, with the latest CERS chemical inventory, site maps and emergency contacts submitted by the business. One license can provide access to all agency personnel.  No login required for the phone app. See facilities near you and their data in 1 to 3 taps. HazTrakr provides accurate and easy access to CERS data on the go!


CiBR-Trac is a comprehensive online application for management of hazardous chemicals, biological, and radioactive materials. It includes use authorizations and maintains compliance with local, state and federal regulations. Authorized users can view, track and update their inventories. Compliance and a complex workflow made simple!

We created the original CUPA online state wide repository for Hazardous Materials submissions and made it easy. Business owner friendly interface and administrator management views. Compliance with Assembly Bill 2286 for Certified Unified Program Agency (CUPA) included Hazardous Materials Business Plan (HMBPs), Underground and Aboveground Storage Tanks, Tiered Permitting, Hazardous Waste Generator and CalARP programs. Inspiring compliance!

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On the fly customization is available in the application. Define users and roles. Set web-based field and form visibility and customized views for these various stakeholders, each with alerts, entry validation and/or hints. Add payment as needed. Include review processes and transfer of data ownership. Increase your operational efficiency and reduce administration time required! Improve compliance and ease of use.

Customer Support 

We believe communication with our clients is necessary for growth and product improvement. We provide integration with your existing systems and will walk you through a smooth transition. Our services include development, training and customer support for all our apps and online systems. We encourage feedback and guarantee quick turnaround on issues. We are committed to excellent client care.



20+ years of experience and a secure foundation has earned the trust of all our clients.  We gap the technical with the operational with ease, with staff that is knowledgeable in both. We ensure cyber data security and secure data transfers. Access to data is granularly configurable.

eCompliance's exceptional personalized services truly set us apart.

Platforms That Unify and Simplify

We create online platforms that are efficient, effective and easy to use

Our unique, flexible, and extendible metadata database is the foundation of eCompliance data repositories. It serves to simplify complex information and its management. We at eCompliance, take pride in our framework as it supports tools and services for building unified collaborative shared systems.

Metadata repositories offer unique advantages: easy to integrate with other data sources; easy to extend; simple UI to search and publish; easy reporting with Adobe PDF extensions; granularity in access control from web visibility to database restrictions. This metadata framework is at the core of our industry-specific electronic regulatory exchanges and collaborative enterprise applications.

Fully responsive, eCompliance solutions work just as well on a large screen as they do on a phone.
Complex data structures and workflows made easy and accessible.

Trust the eCompliance platform to handle your data and collaboration needs.